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HoloNet: Storm Squadron
Welcome to Storm Squadron

Storm Squadron is an Empire guild originally formed in May 2012 on Ajunta Pall, moved to Jung Ma near the end of July 2012. We are a casual/family-friendly guild open to all aspects of the game.
Most members are leveling up at the moment, but we do have 50-55s as well.  We are always looking for more 50+s to join our ranks, and hope to form our own Ops groups when we have the roles filled to do so.

Our primary focus is to just have fun, keeping the drama and stress to a minimum, while providing a community to find others for grouping, seeking advice, helping eachother, etc.

All registered members have invite permissions, so that they may invite others they group with at any time, no waiting for an officer is necessary. Any GM, or Officer can promote recruits to member ranks, pending they meet the requirements (register and apply on site, be fairly active for up to 2 weeks).

We have a Mumble server for voice comms, use is not required, but recommended for Flashpoints, Operations, Warzones, Open World PvP, Galactic Starfighter, etc.  When we start running our own Progression Ops and/or Ranked PvP, Mumble use will be required for those events.
We are Recruiting
Recruitment is open to active players of any class and level, casual to hardcore gamers are welcome. Inactive players may end up being kicked out, but there may be exceptions with proper notification.  Please register with the site and APPLY HERE.
We also have an alternate guild on the Republic side, Saber Squadron http://sabersquadron.enjin.com
It is inactive though, so you will need to contact us on the Empire side to coordinate invites for your alts there.
Current Members
Please register with the site, using your main character's name, and add any alt characters you have in the guild to your enjin profile.
HoloNet News
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Sya GM  added 360 Advanced days to Storm Squadron
Sya GM  added 360 Advanced days to Storm Squadron
Sya GM  added 30 Advanced days to Storm Squadron
Sya GM  added 30 Advanced days to Storm Squadron
Sya GM  added 30 Advanced days to Storm Squadron
Sya GM  added 30 Advanced days to Storm Squadron
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Server Status
Star Forge
Members Roster reset for Star Forge, Jung Ma list deleted.
focus future conquest rewards on command encryptions
Just spent 140 mil credits buying frameworks, flagship encryptions, and dark projects etc... we now have the hangar hallway and both hangar bays unlocked on Storm Squadron's flagship.
Happy New Year!
Download Discord from here [link]
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